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This revolutionary high-tech wearable can train you… to be happy!

The ‘Feel’ wristband is designed to track your feelings and offer you personalized tips, in order to reduce anxiety and boost your emotional well-being.

Modern life is so stressful, demanding and fast-paced, that we often forget how important it is to stay in touch with friends and family, our natural environment, but first and foremost with our inner self. While running around trying to complete everyday tasks, we tend to neglect our well-being and emotional health, often experiencing long periods of depression and anxiety, sometimes without even realizing it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a device to take with you at all times, which could acknowledge your feelings, monitor your emotional state, understand your needs and help you become a happier person? This “magic” technology exists, it is called ‘Feel’ and it isn’t a regular mood-enhancing bracelet or “just another scientific gadget”, but a personal coach that can train you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life! And here’s how:

Although research in the field of positive psychology has proven that happiness is extremely beneficial –as it improves health, fuels success, makes individuals more attractive and admittedly brings tremendous personal, professional, and societal rewards- actually feeling happy (and not just temporarily) isn’t a goal that’s easy to achieve.

However, there are certain things we can do to come closer to well-being and happiness:

1. Emotional awareness. Recognizing your stress triggers and what affects your mood is the first step in conquering stress and improving your well-being.

2. Positive emotional habits. Understanding and reinforcing the habits that make you feel good and changing activities and habits, rather than fixating on ideal circumstances, is the best way to boost happiness.

3. Quantification of happiness. Measuring your happiness levels will help you know if you are making any progress and if you are on the right track to achieve happiness.

How can we measure happiness? Is it even possible?

The answer is YES! Happiness is not an elusive state of being that is impossible to quantify and analyze, on the contrary, it can be systematically measured with the help of the underlying indicators of happiness, human emotions. And thanks to the booming field of affective computing and emotion recognition technologies (speech recognition, facial and body gestures and physiological signs from our bodies) we can now not only track human emotions, but also interpret and process them.

And this is exactly how the ‘Feel’ wristband works:

‘Feel’ is designed to track your emotions at all times, using advanced technology -such as speech recognition algorithms, machine vision techniques and physiological condition monitoring tools- in order to give you personalized tips on how to lower stress levels and feel happier. Thus, by analyzing your tone of voice, monitoring your facial or body gestures and measuring your body’s skin temperature, blood pressure and skin response, ‘Feel’ can keep track of how your mood is affected by where you were, who you are with, and what you are doing at any point in the day.

Just imagine being able to monitor your emotions throughout the day and always have a mood enhancer at hand, when things get tough!

The ‘Feel’ wristband can understand how you feel (stressed, angry, depressed, lethargic) and, by connecting to the ‘Feel’ app on your phone, it will give you personalized tips and guidance in order to put you in a happier mood. For example, it will play your favorite music to help you wake up in the morning, remind you to take deep breaths during rush hour, suggest meditation exercises when your stress levels are high and yes, even remind you to call your Mum. Then, at the end of the day, you can always check your emotional journal on your mobile, become aware of your emotions and understand the underlying reasons behind them.

Imagine an emotion-aware world

A world where your music application will know which song to play when you are stressed, and which when you are happy. A world where your smart home adapts to your emotions and your car alerts you when you lose control of your temper. A world where corporations and states are measured by the true happiness of their employees and citizens. Most importantly, a world where healthcare providers and researchers will be using those data to early diagnose and prevent mental health illness such as depression or anxiety disorder.

Ηappiness is the holy grail of our everyday lives, a never ending quest. What if we allow technology to help us to better connect with our inner self, with our loved ones and with the world, during this overwhelming journey of ours in our pursuit of happiness?

Written by:

George Eleftheriou

Co-founder & CEO Sentio Solutions Inc.

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