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How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine After Vacation! (Tips inside)

We admit it, it’s easy to live for summer. Warmer temperatures, time to unplug, and usually an adventure or two. While we welcome the time to unwind, it also can be a bit hard to return to the grind. Summer may relax some of you, but it also may mean losing some of the good habits we’ve made. But what if we reframed our mindset around getting back to work? Getting into our work routines also means returning to our goals and dreams, all the things we’re excited about. Because we know it’s not always easy transitioning back into your post-summer schedule, below are some ways to help make it not only an easier time, but one to optimize.

  • Set major goals and try visualizing them: Many professionals state that using positive visualization works wonders on our emotional states, as when we tune our mind into positivity, we become better at being positive overall. Try the technique below and experience the profound effect it has on your emotional well-being! Sit in a comfortable position and try to relax using whatever relaxation technique works for you (deep breathing usually helps). Concentrate on your breathing only and try to reach the state of consciences as many call it. Take your imagination further try to see you happy and accomplished self in 3 years. What does this future content you feel, think and look like? What surrounds your life? Where do you live, work and rest? Who are the people next to you that make you feel happy and calm? What have you done to get there? Continue with expressing gratitude to yourself and those around who made you that perfect-self you want to achieve! Here are some links on guided mediation and visualization that can help you: 6 phase meditation, 10 minutes morning routine, Release Worry.
  • Affirmations: Positive affirmations are a great way to start working on self’s negative connotations and associations. An affirmation can work as it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. Think of a problem you are facing in your personal or emotional life. Make a positive impactful statement about it and try to repeat it to yourself daily. Soon you may be surprised to find that the negativity associated with that problem starts decreasing. Read this article by a PHD psychotherapist on affirmations and how they can help here.
  • Use that energy: We all feel relaxed and have our batteries recharged after the holidays period. So, why not use this fresh energy that we have gained to make amazing new things?

Utilizing these techniques will help you transition into your healthiest, most productive fall yet. Make the most of your rejuvenated self by setting habits now to help you feel and work better.

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