Anxiety. Usually is related with something perceived as an imminent or potential threat. Sometimes is just the pressure perceived from external demanding forces. Anxiety is invisible, but is there. Anxiety cause us to fear, and eventually could evolve to aggression. Bad news is that it could affect our decision and thought process, good news is that we can keep it down if we just remain aware of it.

Many times I don’t know why I feel anxious. Is like an undefined sensation when many important things require my attention. And everything was due yesterday.

I try different methods to keep my balance and keep anxiety in a low level. I want to share this little steps, and I would be thankful if also you can share your own techniques:

1. Breath. It helps to bring more oxygen to the brain, which help to think better. It helps to slow down the heart beat. And most importantly it avoid me to come with a fast answer when is not needed, caused by anxiety.

2. Mapping. Writing down the problem and possible solutions, helps to give clarity and gain a sensation of control of the problem. You will need to identify which one is the factor that cause most part of the anxiety. Write it down and be as more specific as you can.

3. Action. When it comes to plan an action, think about different possibilities, so you can have alternative action plans. Write them down, so it will be more clear.

4. Keep the Optimism. Sometimes we don’t see the opportunities behind problems, and we just get stuck on the negativity. Try to focus on the positive things that might come just tackling the problem itself. For example you might gain self confidence or build a better relationship in the end.

I don’t have the last answer for anxiety but surely these techniques might help.

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