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6 Tips to Handle the Holiday Hustle

As fun as the holidays can be, they also tend to wreak havoc on your health and self-care routines. It’s fun to indulge, and but you may be feeling a bit exhausted or anxious from travel or a busy social calendar. Plus, you never want to start the new year feeling depleted.

If you’re looking for a way to get back into a healthy flow while also initiating some new healthy habits, we have you covered! Below are some actionable ways to wind down from the holiday hustle.

Go to your happy place
We all have that special place that transports us to a sense of calm and centeredness. Maybe you have a particular hike that you love, or there’s a park bench that’s been “yours” since childhood. Go there and check in with yourself! Be present. If your happy place is a beach that you can’t visit right now, try visualizing it in a meditation. Let the mood-boosting feelings wash over you.

Practice meditation
Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or someone looking to get into the practice, we could all use some extra quiet time after a buzzy holiday season. Perhaps meditation is even a resolution of yours, past or present. Forget whatever success or experiences you’ve had with it so far, and simply start today. Even a mere 5 minutes of meditation has the power to completely transform your day.

Assign yourself reading goals
Ideally, the holidays help us recharge our batteries. But many of us fall off the wagon of our good habits. For example, the holiday season can drain your entrepreneurial creativity if you stop flexing those muscles of learning. Keep your idea factory humming with a new, provoking book. Think one that you’d want to take notes on. You might even want to read a book on changing your mindset to help start the year off on an empowered note.

Take a salt bath
Did you know that taking a bath with epsom salts can help you both detox and relax? Many of these contain magnesium, which will help your muscles relax. Your body AND mind will thank you, as physical relaxation helps promote mental relaxation. Use the experience as an opportunity to practice mindfulness, and notice the feelings and sensations of just being in warm water.

Turn Off Your Work Phone & Email
Do you find yourself reflexively checking your phone? Do you refresh your emails constantly? Even worse, do you have notifications up for EVERYTHING on your phone? Now is a great time to reassess these behaviors. If you’re off work, truly unplug! Refreshing emails now won’t make you better at your job when you return from break, it will actually just make you more likely to burn out. If you need to check in to work, set specific times of the day and make it happen then. Another big step is to turn off push notifications for emails. Even if you’re technically off and unplugging, you can’t really relax if you’re bombarded with reminders of work throughout the day.

Write In your Journal
Take time to journal your thoughts. This can be a major time of year for resetting, which includes setting goals and reviewing the past year. Rather than falling into any sort of rumination, try journaling. You might journal with an aim, such as the aforementioned reviewing of the year, or simply let yourself write stream of consciousness about whatever comes to mind. However you choose to journal, you’ll reap benefits. Putting pen to paper is incredibly relaxing, and can give us a slice of “analog” life that’s absent from our increasingly digital lives.

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