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5 little things that will make you happier

by Klairi, our Marketing Lead

Is happiness a matter of luck or is it a choice? Is there some sort of action we can take to change our perspectives, improve our mood and consciously feel happier? Science has proven that happiness is largely determined by genetics, health and other factors mostly outside of our control. However, there is always action we can take to boost our mood and feel energized.


Here are some tips I have gathered that can help you get rid of the blues; they have worked for me in the past so I wanted to share them with you. Try them out and you will instantly feel happier!

  1. Go outside: Get yourself out of that sofa and into the fresh air! You don’t need a reason to go outside, you can just go for a walk or a run. Make it your new habit and stick with it. Twenty minutes in the open air are enough to boost positive mood, improve your memory and help you stay fit at the same time! You can make your time outside more enjoyable by choosing scenic paths for your walks and asking friends to come along. I am lucky enough to live near the sea and my favourite walk is on the coast during sunset. Once I complete it, I feel truly energised and happy for the rest of the day.
  2. Meet up with friends and family: This might sound obvious, but sometimes it is easy to forget how important our loved ones are for a happy life. Even if your calendar is full, it is important to make some time to visit your family and spend time with your friends. If you live far from your loved ones, just call and say hi. It is important to realise that there are people out there who care about us and want us to be happy! When I used to live abroad, I missed my family very much and I had noticed that every little issue was getting bigger in my head because I was feeling lonely. A quick chat with them at the end of a stressful day would help me see things in perspective and resolve my problems more easily.
  3. Drink coffee: Coffee is a massive antidepressant and there are many studies that have proven it (check this one out). Coffee gives you energy and boosts your mood; its smell and taste can satisfy your senses. Indulge the pleasure of having 1-2 cups a day and try to be picky about it! I personally prefer a double skinny organic cappuccino to get me through a busy day. And that’s just for starters!
  4. Plan a trip: You might neither have the time nor the money to go on a trip anytime soon, but is always nice to have something to look forward to! Pick your next destination and start planning a trip ahead of time. Do your research on the best time time of the year to visit this destination, the main sights, the cool bars and restaurants. If you need some inspiration, go on Lonely Planet to find the next place on the planet you can visit. Give your trip a shape and feel happier in the process of making it happen!
  5. Do a good deed every day: If you want to enrich your life by not only being happier, but becoming a better person too, dedicate 5-10 minutes of your time per day to help others. You could help a blind man cross the street, an old woman carry her groceries home or even a friend to move a sofa! There is so much you can do to help people around, grasp the opportunities to be useful to somebody else and feel your happiness levels rising!
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