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    Feel participates in plenty of events around the globe. Check out our latest ones!


    Feel is the Insurance Shaper of the Year

    After a successful pitch at EXECinsurtech Conference, we were recognized as the Insurance Shaper of the Year. The conference was an excellent networking event and we were able to explore and elaborate on the strategic B2B direction, specifically our insurance business model.

    Feel has been recognized as a

    TransTech 200 Innovator!

    Sentio was included in the 2017 list of Transformative Technology companies as an innovator in the mental and emotional well-being market alongside the likes of Apple, Google, and Fitbit.

    Our new website is live!


    Our redesigned and improved website provided better user experience, which included making it more informative and in line with our aesthetic. You can check it now here. We encourage you to share feedback, which is incredibly important to us in our constant quest for improvement!

    Our 2 Year Anniversary!


    We celebrated Feel’s two year anniversary at the end of July. The team, friends, and partners came to our new office to celebrate! We had a chance to show gratitude for our team and partners for their support on this journey. Many thanks to all who were able to make it!

    Feel at 125th annual APA convention

    We are delighted that we participated at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (APA) during 3-6 of August! It was an amazing experience for us as we showcased the latest functional prototypes of the first product.

    Feel family gets bigger

    People are our greatest asset, so we’re incredibly excited to welcome new members to the Feel team. Together, we will continue working hard to bring Feel closer to you and emotional well-being to all!

    Product development & validation

    Haris (our CTO) and the team in China are working hard to prepare the Feel Wristband for manufacturing.

    Over the past few months, we have conducted studies with the Department of Psychology at UC Riverside. The studies tested over 200 people with an incredibly high accuracy rate.

    Also, we have finalized our beta product (Wristband and Mobile App)!

    eWear seminar at Stanford

    On July 20th we gave a speech at Stanford's eWear seminar. We talked all things Feel, including methods for monitoring human emotions and how to design effective interventions. Check out the video now and learn more about the way technology can coach us to achieve emotional well-being.

    The new Feel prototype is ready

    Do you remember the works-like prototype that we had 4 months ago? You can forget about it. Over the past 4 months in China, not only we made great progress in terms of identifying and setting up our supply chain and manufacturing but also in product development. Our first integrated works-like/looks-like Feel prototype is here. Having this by January was our most important milestone and we are very happy that we made it happen!

    Exciting things are Happening at UCR!

    You may remember that last summer Feel participated in a pilot study with the University of California Riverside; well, we are pleased to announce that we have commenced the continuation of our collaboration with two studies. As part of those studies, the researchers in the Department of Psychology at UCR are using data acquired via the Feel wristband to evaluate the effectiveness of positive and negative interventions on human emotional states.

    Hard Work Paid Off at the HAX Demo Day!

    HAX San Fransisco Demo Day was a great success! After four long months of hard work and dedication, we were finally able to share all of the progress Feel made during our incredible stay at HAX Shenzhen! We would like to say congratulations to all of the other Batch 9 start-ups for your development and progress, and of course HUGE thanks to HAX for the amazing opportunity.

    CES 2017... It's almost here!

    CES 2017 is just around the corner! We are very excited to -once again- be part of the biggest consumer electronics show in the world.

    From 3 January to 8 January, it's five fun-filled days of exciting unveils, engaging demonstrations, and tons of networking opportunities.

    We invite you to stop by our booth in Eureka Park, Hall G 50912 and learn more about Feel from the founders.

    In addition, Feel will be represented at the HAX and Made in LA booths.

    Can't wait to see you there!

    Backed by HAX

    We are excited to announce that HAX, the world's largest hardware accelerator, and investor, has invested in our company! A part of the Feel team has already moved to Shenzhen, China (the Silicon Valley of Hardware) to work alongside HAX experts to accelerate getting Feel to the market.

    Feel recognized as a pioneer of happiness

    Along with major players like Apple, Google and Microsoft, Feel appears on the latest TransTech200 list. We’re honored to be among the scientists and engineers advancing new technologies for emotional and mental wellbeing.

    Exhibiting and Speaking at TransTech Conference

    Feel was present at the second TransTech Conference between October 14 and October 16 in Palo Alto. CEO of Feel, George Eleftheriou, was one of the speakers at the conference, while our team was exhibiting the latest Feel prototypes in our booth!




    Feel at Plug and Play EXPO

    Feel pitched at both the IoT and Health & Wellness Sessions, for this year's Plug and Play Expo. You can watch George's pitch directly from Feel's YouTube channel!





    Speak Spanish? Check out George's interview at ABC.es!

    Feel at Make in LA Demo Day

    After an intensive four month period, Feel graduated from Make in LA -the LA epicenter for hardware startups- having a very successful Demo Day! You can watch the pitch, as well as find all our videos in our recently launched YouTube channel, here.






    A Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award Finalist

    We are proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for this year's Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award! We are so excited for the finals in a few days!






    Pioneers Festival 2016 in Vienna

    After winning the Pioneers Athens competition, Feel was picked as one of the top 70 startups for this year's Pioneers Festival 500! Here is George pitching in front of the audience on Challenge Day.







    MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Competition

    We are very pleased to announce that the Feel team is now a MITEF finalist! Only 10 startups out of 25 semifinalists made it to the finals, and Feel is one of them! We are very excited about the final judgment day that will take place on June 30th.






    TEDx Thessaloniki

    George Eleftheriou, CEO&Co-founder of Feel, was invited to participate this year to TEDx Thessaloniki's event as a speaker, and talk about how technology can understand our emotions and help us achieve wellbeing.

    Pitching at Launch Festival 2016

    Feel was selected to pitch as one of the "5 Emerging Health & Wellness Companies" @AMA stage on March 3rd, in front of an amazing crowd.

    Exhibiting at Launch Festival 2016

    Feel's Co-founders, George Eleftheriou and Haris Tsirmpas, in the Demo Pit during Launch Festival.

    National Hardware Cup

    Feel was selected as "An AlphaLab Gear 2016 National Hardware Cup Finalist".

    Consciousness Hacking

    Feel's CEO, George Eleftheriou presented Feel at a Consciousness Hacking event during CoHack Project Night.

    MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Competition

    The Feel team is proud to be one of the 25 semifinalists of the MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Greece Startup Competition! A 3 month technology accelerating competition of intensive mentoring and extensive workshops.

    Feel exhibited at CES 2016, Las Vegas

    Feel's exhibition was a great success! We gathered a lot of press attention, plenty of media coverage, amazing feedback and much of love! Thank you for making this such a wonderful event!

    Winners of the Pioneers Athens!

    Feel is the winner of the first ever Pioneers Athens competition. Only 7 startups were selected amongst numerous to pitch in front of the judges, for the grand prize of the entry at the Pioneers Festival 2016 taking place in May. See you all in Vienna!

    Wearable Technology Show USA

    The entire wearable eco system came together during the Wearable Technology Show for two days of enthralling debate, unique insights and many opportunities to network with delegates from across the globe. Once again, Feel's booth stayed crowded at all times, and we loved it! We want to thank you all for stopping by.


    Mobile, Wearables & IoT

    Feel was selected among numerous startups as one of the best of the demo pit to pitch on stage. It was an amazing opportunity for us to present our product in front of the judges and the awesome crowd that attended Mobile, Wearables & IoT by Launch. Our CEO, George Eleftheriou, pitched in this impeccable by all means event.


    Wearable Tech & IoT Conference

    Our team talked to potential users at Gizworld Conference - Wearable Tech & IoT in LA. We received truly amazing customer feedback. Thank you all so much!





    Feel's CEO as a panelist in the Art of Innovation Conference

     by CSUN

    George was part of the Technology Innovation Panel in the 3rd annual Art of Innovation Conference, a dynamic conference with panels covering a broad range of trends and opportunities in 21st century entrepreneurship on Oct 30th, 2015 @CSUN.



    SoCal Maker Convention

    The Maker Movement is the future of how innovation and invention will occur, a movement of amateurs, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, DIYers, students, and professionals united by nothing but the common desire to tinker, design, hack, innovate and invent. Of course, Feel was there.



    Hardware Workshop

    Feel' s CEO, George Eleftheriou, pitched at the Hardware Workshop in San Francisco in front of an amazing crowd. That was an awesome event with great speakers such as Marc Barros(featured in the photo), Ben Einstein, Vijay Chattha and many more. So happy we were there!



    Digital LA - Startup Showcase

    Los Angeles

    What a great event this startup showcase was! The Feel team was there and George Eleftheriou pitched along with founders of other hot startups that participated in Make in LA, Dodgers Accelerator and Startup UCLA.





    Feel's first case prototype

    Apparently, here in Make in LA we can make anything happen with all the support and guidance we receive! Here is our first case prototype, printed with a 3D printer under the guidelines of our CTO Haris Tsirmpas. Nice!


    Creating our workspace!

    As soon as we arrived at Make in LA, we realized that putting together our own work space from scratch would be part of the challenge! It was so much fun working together and showing what a skillful team of engineers we are! That was a joke..








    Feel @ Make in LA

    The Feel team is proud to be part of Make in LA, LA' s first Hardware accelerator. It is known as the LA epicenter of hardware startups.



    First days on campus

    The first couple of days in Make in LA were super exciting as our team wandered around the campus. It goes without saying we could not stay away from the huge firetruck for long; the truck is available to anybody who wants to hang out or just take a quick break from a tough day's work! Excellent idea!




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